Hand Painted Luxury Yarns

I offer a selection of hand-painted yarns and hand spun textured yarns or art yarns. These are hand dyed or hand spun by me here in my Penzance Cornwall UK home studio often with a particular knitting or weaving project in mind. I offer them for purchase because it brings me joy to share them with like-minded fiberistas and knitterati! And of course it keeps the wheels oiled! So grab them quickly before someone else does or I whisk them away to use in my next project.

Of course some dye lots such as the laceweight alpaca and silk yarn in the ‘Variegated Jewel’ colourway or ‘Salmon Sky’ have become firm favourites and therefore stock items.

I design, spin, hand dye, hand knit, machine knit and weave often drawing inspiration from our beautiful coastline and occasionally from iconic literature such as Alice in Wonderland or works by Dylan Thomas.

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