I really enjoyed spinning this Shetland wool top which was professionally scoured, carded and combed in a small independent British mill. Not all Shetland is equal and this top is especially soft and fine.

The fleece came from a small Scottish flock of Shetland sheep grazed on natural pasture and raised naturally.


Shetland has a long history of producing fine wool and exclusive textiles showcasing the classic Shetland halo.

With a staple length of around 8cms, I chose to spin it with a short forward draw on my Kiwi 2 using the standard flyer on the 7.25 ratio. The yarn is 144 yards with a weight of 100gms which makes it around Aran weight, aka Worsted weight.

The wpi has come out at around 9-10. I say around because all my handspun is uneven and I like it that way!  If I need a perfectly uniform diameter yarn then I will use one that has been commercially spun!

This yarn is mine, all mine – not for sale! 

I need a new hat and mittens to wear with my camel winter coat and as we’re planning a trip to Scotland over the holiday season they need to be very warm and cosy. I already have a lovely natural white angora scarf gifted to me by my son a few years ago.

With the exception of a recently completed round yoke sweater, also knitted from handspun, I haven’t knitted colourwork for some years. It was always a firm favourite and I’m looking forward to jumping back down this particular rabbit hole. Due to its halo, Shetland wool is of course ideal. I was sure I had purchased two more colours of this particular top at the same time as the natural white but I’ve searched high and low through my stash and I just can’t find it right now.  I’m looking for a very subtle colour change between natural colours so I have chosen some beige alpaca blanket instead.  This may be too subtle so I also intend to prep some medium fawn just in case.

So far I’ve tried the beige alpaca blanket using hand cards and I’ve also carefully tested some more on my drum carder with two very gently passes.  I’ll spin both samples and make a decision based on that.  I’ll come back and let you know how I get on.


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